What is New Avalon II? A Campaign or a RPG?

Well, to tell you the truth, I think it is more of a RPG, since there are only two maps to it. However, the maps are unique in that they have many, many mission objectives that constantly change as you progress through the level. Thus, they are kind of like a campaign in that way.

Why is it so big for only two maps?

The second map has two custom music tracks (about 4 minutes in length) which consumes a lot of space. I personally think the music tracks add so much to the level that the extra couple megs are worth it. But, you can always download the lite version if you want. =P

Are there new unit sounds and speech?

No. The heros retain their original responses (it will make sense, trust me) and NPCs (or other units you talk to) will only have text dialog (though they will have a default response sound). Even if I could do voices, there is simply way too much text in this level for that to be practical (about 15 pages worth).

Does it use Stardraft?

Stardraft is not required. Nor does it use a self-executing CWAD. It is simply two scx maps. Period. =) [I did use Stardraft features to make the map however]

Why is it called New Avalon II? Is there a New Avalon I?

Yes, though it is quite old. I still get good reviews of it and anyone (from 1.03 Starcraft to the latest Broodwar user) can play it. You can download it from my personal site.

Wow! How the heck did you do __________ (without Stardraft)?!

Check out the Staredit section of CC; I've gone to great pains to try to make all my techniques open to the public.Go ahead and post your questions on the Forum too.

I like how you did __________. Can I use that method?

Sure. I don't believe in concept-ownership. You can even rip a whole bunch of triggers strait out if you like. Just don't copy the story. =)

Will there be a New Avalon III? (...since the ending isn't really...)

Probably not. The reason I made the ending as it is [POSSIBLE SPOILER HERE] is so I wouldn't substantially disrupt Blizzard's "real" Starcraft contiuum. [END SPOILER INFO =]

Do you have more maps?

I have a few. You can find them at my personal SCM Creations site.

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