Campaign Creations Podcasts

  • New Year, New Site :: Air Date: 04/16/2016
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: Once again, Lavarinth manages to stall on creating Podcasts as IskatuMesk constantly harasses him to sit down and record. After finally pulling all his hair out launching the new Campaign Creations site, Lavarinth accepts his annual duty to join the not-so-round table and have a chat with IskatuMesk. In his clear attempt to be professional, he even manages to mess up the recording volume, making IskatuMesk reverb in the recording. Pushing through, the duo discuss the site, content, staff, games, and editing goals and values for new and existing modders.
  • Another Year, Another Cast :: Air Date: 01/28/2015
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: It's clearly been over a year, but we'll just round down for professionalism's sake! It's been a busy time in the lives of creators, and IskatuMesk and Lavarinth sit down to have a chat regarding the status of Campaign Creations and various projects including some good news, and some not so good!
  • During the Downtime :: Air Date: 07/10/2013
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: With no end in sight for the website's random blackout, IskatuMesk and Lavarinth sit down to have a quiet chat while they wait for what feels like an eternity for Campaign Creations return. With the ORG Network and all its sites facing an unexpected server crash, IskatuMesk delves into his creations and current projects while Lavarinth shares his own opinion on motivation to compare with IskatuMesk.
  • Heart of the Swarm :: Air Date: 03/04/2013
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: After a weekend of forum updates and modifications, IskatuMesk and Lavarinth sit down to chat about the upcoming StarCraft II expansion, Heart of the Swarm, as well as some additional features coming up and released in relations to StarCraft II; including the StarCraft II model exporter for 3D Studio Max, the updates to the StarCraft II editor including the cutscene tool, and the overall storyline and trailers released so far.
  • The New Year :: Air Date: 01/08/2013
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: While ringing in the new year, IskatuMesk and Lavarinth sit down and have a chat recapping what transpired throughout 2012: The contest, lack of content, StarCraft II, and more private matters. Not looking to dwell in the past, they discuss how they look forward to 2013 and what goals they have set in mind. Additional topics include modding, art tools, Diablo III, MMOs, and more!
  • Custom Content :: Air Date: 07/05/2012
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Pr0nogo
    Synopsis: In this podcast, Pr0nogo approaches with a relatively simple subject for discussion that expands into the utilizing of mod materials in Brood War maps and the significance they can bring to maps, the mindsets of BW mappers vs modders, and the implications of aspirations involved inbetween for all custom content.
  • Galaxy Code Editing :: Air Date: 04/24/2012
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Master Jademus Sreg
    Synopsis: IskatuMesk takes a cup of coffee this time around and hands it over to Master Jademus Sreg, creator of the popular Photon Cycles, a Tron style StarCraft II multiplayer map. IskatuMesk interviews Sreg in the overall interaction someone experiences with the Galaxy Editor and the issues, or lack of, a well-knowledged coder will experience with Galaxy code. This lengthy interview shares the viewpoints from a all-around experienced mapper, IskatuMesk, and the issues faced when attempting to create a map, in comparison to the greatly different outcome someone like Sreg faces when working on his own projects as someone who understand Galaxy code and having worked in WarCraft III's JASS.
  • Map Terraining :: Air Date: 03/24/2012
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: IskatuMesk and Lavarinth have a chat in regards to the ongoing Campaign Contest. Why the contestants drop out? Why do they join? How do they stay motivated? These topics are discussed and raged upon in this podcast. In addition, with both individuals terraining for their own projects, IskatuMesk asks for some input in regards to how does one balance realism and gameplay into a map in StarCraft II. Wibod also chimes in at times with some input.
  • Campaign Contest :: Air Date: 12/10/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk
    Synopsis: IskatuMesk sits down by his lonesome this time around to monologue to the audience about the Campaign Creations Campaign Contest, alongside some sitewide updates about Campaign Creations, and delves a bit further into creating something, for those still wondering what they should do.
  • BlizzCon :: Air Date: 11/10/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: With BlizzCon having recently passed, the two voices of Campaign Creations sit down to enjoy a chit chat in relations to a multitude of topics. While the main topic at hand was BlizzCon, thus the title of the cast, many conversations flowed after including the topic of motivation and IskatuMesk's recent release of Black Sun.
  • Round Table :: Air Date: 09/27/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: IskatuMesk and Lavarinth sit down and take a step back from the usual chit chat to discuss what it's like running Campaign Creations, and banter about the Diablo III Beta. Little did you know both IskatuMesk and Lavarinth are both unique monsters in Diablo III, except one was cut for a "not so epic" name, can you guess who?
  • Visual and Audio Storytelling :: Air Date: 09/07/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Pr0nogo
    Synopsis: IskatuMesk and Pr0nogo take a one on one seat and have a discussion about how and what it takes to entertain players these days with the visual and audio storytelling tactics needed to keep the attention of gamers of these days.
  • Story Development :: Air Date: 08/09/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth, Gemini
    Synopsis: A project begins with a story. In this podcast, IskatuMesk and Lavarinth are joined by famed Life of a Marine creator Gemini to discuss the process of developing a story from the ground out and translating the environment in your story into a full on campaign. As always, tangent conversations worthy of being heard are plentiful, and the topic of choice is quickly derailed.
  • The First Map :: Air Date: 07/21/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth, Pr0nogo
    Synopsis: With the never ending conversation between Lavarinth and IskatuMesk relating to creating projects, they begin to delve into the creation of your first map, among a multitude of other projects. Having dealt with the creation of a various recent projects, Pr0nogo was invited to join in on the discussion to get input from the community.
  • Campaign Genres :: Air Date: 07/18/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth, Laconius
    Synopsis: As IskatuMesk and Lavarinth further continue their ongoing discussion related to campaigns, they begin delving into the topic of campaign genres of build and destroy and RPG. To add to the mix, Laconius was invited to share his radical opinions to campaigns, siding (in generalized terms) with Lavarinth in regards to what makes a campaign entertaining. Laconius also showers us with his gracious singing voice.
  • Project Partnerships :: Air Date: 07/02/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: Continuing their last discussion, IskatuMesk and Lavarinth talk about creating projects as a joint effort between members, hiring people to produce aspects of your project, and the pros and cons of these possibilities. The cast continues with topics such as third party programs, support for mods, and other off-the-wall topics.
  • Starting Projects :: Air Date: 06/09/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: Ever wondered what it takes to start a project? Better yet- Why they fail? IskatuMesk and Lavarinth delve into their personal experiences and share suggestions that could aid in those looking to start a project such as a campaign or mod.
  • June 3rd, 2011 :: Air Date: 06/03/2011
    Speakers: IskatuMesk, Lavarinth
    Synopsis: Enter into a introductory podcast, detailing what is Campaign Creations, who is Lavarinth, and many other topics. In addition, the upcoming BlizzCon 2011 event is touched on, alongside the recently released teasers for Heart of the Swarm. All this in more!
  • Retro Campaign Creations Podcasts

  • Episode 11 :: Air Date: 04/10/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk
    Synopsis: The Podcast returns finally after a break to discuss the announcements of BlizzCon 2010, StarCraft II Collector's Edition, and a new aspect of the podcast: Game Elements Concepts by IskatuMesk.
  • Episode 10 :: Air Date: 03/19/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk
    Synopsis: Your host Dread sits down with Lavarinth on one side of table, IskatuMesk on the opposite prepared to answer a slew of questions in this deep interview.
  • Episode 09 :: Air Date: 03/12/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk, Whiplash!
    Synopsis: The Fantastic Four continue coverage of the StarCraft II Beta with an unique discussion about Patch 5, recently released. Further to that, questions from the Campaign Creations community are answered from our Podcast thread.
  • Episode 08 :: Air Date: 03/12/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk, Whiplash!
    Synopsis: The Fantastic Four continue coverage of the StarCraft II Beta with an unique discussion about Patch 5, recently released. Further to that, questions from the Campaign Creations community are answered from our Podcast thread.
  • Episode 07 :: Air Date: 03/10/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk, Whiplash!
    Synopsis: In this episode, we continue our discussion on the StarCraft 2 multiplayer beta. Initially we discuss Patches 3 and 4 having recently been released and implemented by Blizzard. We continue a discussion responding to statements made by Dustin Browder during an independent fansite interview. Based on listener demand a segment is also included to update members on what campaign or modding projects are currently being worked on whether for StarCraft 2, Brood War, or WarCraft III. Obviously there is also much more in the podcast, so tune in to find out!
  • Episode 06 :: Air Date: 03/05/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk
    Synopsis: Dread calls into focus IskatuMesk this week for one reason: Modding StarCraft 2 Beta. Alongside Lavarinth, Dread questions IskatuMesk on all there is related to modding and what advancements have taken place and just what limitations do we really have?
  • Episode 05 :: Air Date: 03/03/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk, Whiplash
    Synopsis: In this episode we continue our discussion on the release of the StarCraft 2 multiplayer beta. Tonight we're focusing on the release of the second beta patch. We also expand on some issues within each race, discuss the changes we would like to see in the future, and wish the Mothership a fond farewell.
  • Episode 04 :: Air Date: 02/27/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk
    Synopsis: In this episode our members, minus the AFK Whiplash, continue their discussion on the release of the StarCraft 2 multiplayer beta. Tonight we focus on the release of the first beta patch. We also comment as somewhat of a response to the most recent Blizzcast with regards to the release of the beta editor.
  • Episode 03 :: Air Date: 02/24/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk, Whiplash
    Synopsis: In this episode our members discuss the release of the StarCraft 2 multiplayer beta. Sharing their first impressions, some thoughts about the service so far, expectations in the future and some new strategies.
  • Episode 02 :: Air Date: 01/01/2010
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk, Whiplash
    Synopsis: In this episode, a couple of our members take a moment out of their busy schedule to update the community about their respective projects both present and with future plans. After many months spent by Lavarinth, Ricky and Dread, on judging the Campaign "4 Years between StarCraft" Contest and the Scenario Contest, Dread announces the winners.
  • Episode 01 :: Air Date: 06/02/2009
    Participants: Dread, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk, Whiplash
    Synopsis: Campaign Creations Podcast returns with a more exciting approach to podcasts. In this episode, we discuss a variety of projects including StarCraft Team Fortress, Armageddon Onslaught, and Ascension of Duran. We also share our thoughts on StarCraft 2's Map Editor, and shed a bit of light on the upcoming Campaign Creations Contests alongside a quick look into BlizzCon.

  • Episode 03 :: Air Date: 06/15/2008 (Participants: TPC, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk)
           Synopsis: Even more months later, the same old hosts present Episode 3. The bring up what happened with the delays for Episode 3, the StarCraft Mini-Campaign Competition and its winners. In addition, they delve into Oracle's Legacy of the Confederation 3 alongside IskatuMesk's Armageddon Onslaught 2. They bring it home with some StarCraft 2 information and of course, silly banter.
  • Episode 02 :: Air Date: 01/14/2008 (Participants: TPC, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk)
           Synopsis: Months later the same hosts bring you Episode 2. Discussing various topics such as the Campaign Creations StarCraft Mini-Campaign Competition, Project Loli, Upcoming features, Doackendium subforum, and a few more personal questions such as why are we here and their top three moment for 2007 relating to Campaign Creations.
  • Episode 01 :: Air Date: 09/02/2007 (Participants: TPC, Lavarinth, IskatuMesk)
           Synopsis: Our hosts take their first shot at creating Campaign Creations' first Podcast. In this episode, they review the site, the upcoming World of WarCraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King, StarCraft II, and their hopes for Diablo III.