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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Campaign Creations?

Campaign Creations is a collection of campaigns, mods, and total conversions for our supported games. We seek out and accept projects that we find to be created with quality in mind. Any and all of our currently hosted projects are worth your time to experience and are highly recommended. In addition to hosting these projects, we also hold resources for our supported games which could include tutorials, modding program directories, and free addons. We also house a community forum to expand our reach and make the experience in Campaign Creations more personal.

Q: Campaigns? Mods? Total Conversions? What are those?

Campaigns are stories created inside a game engine developed from the authors mind. The author found this particular game to be the most suitable for their story and used various tools to craft a playable version of his story for the world to experience. Typically, at Campaign Creations, the campaigns revolve around Real Time Strategy games using custom-created maps to depict their story. Mods and Total conversions fall under the same category, the both modify the game for a new experience. A mod (short for modification) will adjust minor portions of the game, while a total conversion will attempt to completely reinvent the game using the same engine. Typically these projects house no story and instead just attempt to create a new game inside a game engine.

Q: What games does Campaign Creations currently support?

At the time, we clearly support Blizzard's StarCraft, StarCraft II, and WarCraft III. This can be seen on our navigation panel to the left. In our community forums, we also discuss games such as Diablo II, Half-Life 2, etc., however we do not currently officially host any projects being worked on in those game and downloads relating to those games are only to be relied on by the author.

Q: Who founded Campaign Creations?

A: Desler.

Q: Why isn't he still isn't webmaster?

A: The burden of administrating the many projects that went on Campaign Creations can be a load on those trying to lead a normal life at the same time. So he decided to depart from the administration. A handful of others have taken his place in the following order: Razorclaw X, Palin, WarBringer87, WarGiant, Lavarinth. Currently Lavarinth administrates Campaign Creations.

Q: I finished my project or campaign, how do I upload it to Campaign Creations?

A: We're not accepting projects or campaigns without first reviewing them. If you think that your campaign is of excellent quality and would be excellent amongst the ranks on Campaign Creations, go ahead and email any or all of our staff. It's preferable if you have a way of directly transferring the maps in a compressed zip format over an instant messenger. Remember, you must sell yourself to us: No details = No content. No content = No hosting. A large tip to be considered under Campaign Creations is to post a thread in the forum related to your project or campaign.

Q: I sent an email a week ago regarding getting my campaign uploaded, how come I haven't received a reply?

A: Most likely your email got lost in the flood of dozens of e-mails received per day. Send it again until you receive an official response. We will typically never leave you hanging. If you message us repeatedly however, you will be ignored and if you resubmit your project without improvement, chances are we will not consider you for any future campaigns or projects as well.

Q: How come Campaign Creations didn't accept my project?

A: Your campaign didn't quite meet our standards, Campaign Creations is known for hosting memorable and classic projects and campaigns that only impress without a doubt. Our community involves more than just ourselves however, and perhaps we do not see what others can. If such is the case, you can try another community site, like SAmods.

Q: I love Campaign Creations's campaigns, where can I find ones like it?

A: Our affiliates are developing their own campaigns as well, SAmods is another source for projects. We were both mentioned in the August 2007 article of PC Gamer, highlighting our projects for their quality.

Q: Can I use material from [insert campaign] in my own campaign?

You will have to seek the original author's permission first before you may use any related material. If you the original author is currently unreachable, we suggest you direct your question to a staff member or preferably not use the author's content.

Q: What happened to [insert campaign]? It used to be hosted here.

Campaign Creations will only host projects so long as they are asked to. If an author departs and requests their project be tucked away, we will do so out of respect. We only showcase our projects, we are not the owners. Also, cancelled projects are eventually removed after enough time has passed to inform our community that it is no longer in the works.

Q: I'd like to contribute to [insert campaign], what can I do?

Your best bet is to get ahold of the campaign's author if you are looking to contribute your expertise to the project. If, on the other hand you, you are looking to produce fan art for a project or Campaign Creations in general, let any of the staff members know and they'll find a suitable location to host it.

Q: I just found out about your contest(s) and was too late to enter, now what?

Don't worry- Campaign Creations has opted to continue running contests for our community. Keep in mind however, they are self-funded so the prizes may not always be top-notch, or sometimes there may be a delay in contests to develop more money.

Q: How would I get to donate for the contests if I care to?

Contests are self-funded by Campaign Creations over a period of time thanks to the ads and investments by Lavarinth. If you chose to donate items and or money, contact Lavarinth for further discussion for what can be done and how you will be thanked. Keep in mind though- He's not one to easily accept donations.

Q: Why is the next Podcast not up?!

This is a common one. Our Podcasts are intended to be produced in a frequent manner, however are post-produced by only Lavarinth. Add onto that plate all the other things currently being worked on for the website along with real life and it could cause some delays. We work as fast as we can to get this stuff out and apologize for any delays!

Q: I have some news I'd like to contribute, who do I contact?

You can contact any of our staff members for news. In addition, if we spot something in the forums that is news worthy, we'll post it up as well.

Q: There's an error on [insert page], how can I let you know?

Let Lavarinth know of the error and he'll try to correct it as soon as possible.